21 February, 2011

LoveGarage: Two Door Cinema Club

Another music show I will write. Scroll down if you said: Boooo..ring! hihi yeah, this couple of months I’ve been busy with music festivals. Chasing my fave bands, my inspiring spirits! After been blown away with Laneway festival last January, I went out to watch Two Door Cinema Club live in Jakarta.

The event itself called Lovegarage, due to the event is on 15th of Feb, a day after valentine’s day, and that was exactly my birthday. Ah who cares anyway.

I flew from Surabaya to Jakarta that day, straightly went to Melly’s to meet up with my friends. Yes, the gigslovers: Feli, Pandu, Day and Ekky. It was around 3 pm. We checked the promotor tweet, opening act band: Rock n Roll Mafia, and electronic band from Bandung, has started their performance. We were to lazy to move our ass off. Beer, and speaker we sang along all Two Door Cinema Club repeatedly. I don’t know, while I wrote this it sounds so silly, no?

me, Feli, Azmo-Pina on scooter, Pandu, and Ekky

partner in crimes

confessed as single and available for that night only!

Around 6pm we’re already in the venue. Exchange the tickets, and get inside! Saw so many youth dressed up like crazy, I wish rain fell and they would get panic *LOL *oh Indonesia. The MC announced the show is started again shortly after a break, and it was short movie screening by futureshorts.com. Pretty cool and edgy, you should check them out.

Next was *unmatching* birthday event from eX Plaza Indonesia. Hip-hop or R&B music at the background and modern dancing or parkour. Pretty boring, so I took some meals at sushigroove. Next is the duo-DJs from Australia: flight facilities. They are really djs, play some deep bass and beat music. I was excited at the beginning but then next an hour was rather boring. The beat is monotone in my opinion. I just waited until they play their hits single: Crave You. All crowds were dancing and sing a long together. That’s what I called fun!

flight facilities

Around 8pm Two Door Cinema Club are officially on stage! They started with cigarettes in the theatre, and and. 3 default songs I guess. I was in the front row. The show was too hype to take photos, I just jumped and dance and scream! No photos! Haha. The surprise was that they played: “hands off cash, monty!”, “kids”, and “Costume Party”. Holy shaite! And a new song called “Handshake”, the only song I stopped jumping & singing.


Anyway some friends recognize me appeared in the big screen, did you *LOL

Kevin was so much friendly and heart-taking, coz he spoke Bahasa Indonesia, a sentence! Alex also spoke to the audience quite a lot, also cheered his wine. Sam, he was just like a little boy, so cute right in front of me. What a night!

here's one surprise song from them: their new song called Handshake.. enjoy!

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