15 February, 2009


view from Sahid Hotel car park lot, Gubeng Surabaya
shot by mobilephone cam. 4/may/08

blog blog blog..
what am i supposed to do actually?
i stay at my room all day long..
gazing to the curtain on my windows..
sun doesnt shine..
only grey colour
and some thick clouds.
now night has fallen.
still counting how many people remember to my they-call-it special day
i dont really think it's special.
there is no difference, when i woke up this morning
my hair, a bit greasier that last night
nails got dirtier
pimples going down
and still sleepy eyes.
today i got older officially
today is my birthday
and i party
(on my own)
but i'm glad they are all remember.
i'm sparkling like city lights.

09 February, 2009


is it wrong this sleepy
i slept enough, but crave for more.
i see you, such enemy
kick me to the shore.

06 February, 2009

in the cold i'm standing

Kiss on the mouth, bliss of a touch
Hand in a hand, killing the fiend
I'll write my love on more than a thousand weeping willows
A walk on your voice
So far, so close
A whispering child so cold, so mild
All the colors mixed up in falls of rainbows
Tears on your neck, holding you near
Sparkling shells, three comet tails
Hoping for some magic to make your heart beat next to mine
Shiny island, blue underground
My every day is fading away
I'm flying through the wind and whistling some strange melody
Hang on to me getting out of my corpse
Please don't leave me watching you from the clouds
Melancholy, you'll join me soon my love
Feeling frozen, I'll warm you every night
Falling asleep
I'll travel in your dreams
beautiful song for my cekeremez

10th floor

semanggi.jakarta, feb02'09.
cold night, cold hearts
wish that we're not appart


well well, my first post..

i don't even understand why i create such blog like this.
since i get so bored in my first-step-to-future-career-cubicle.. yeahh office suxxxxx..

i need more challenges..
i want to take off my suits and play with you