06 July, 2011

best boy friends

Do you have a best boy friend, best from the best, until you think that they are your brother? Well I do. I know these 2 men, let me introduce you, Aiman Akbar and Hanggara Hardiansyah a.k.a Bowo. We went to the same highschool, with Bowo I even went to the same junior high, high school, and same college. When some people said don’t believe to friendship with opposite sex, because it will drag you to a complicated relationship including love. Me with them? Well yes I love them, off course, no doubt, till I could not accept if any girls hurt them. Yes possesive like a mother to her sons.

I also thought I have fallen in love with him (only one of them LOL) in the past, and imagined if I were his girlfriend, but again, the feeling is not the same with the love and lust game with my lovers. I don’t have lust towards these 2 guys. Very true. I never imagined I would do bed scene with one of them. Yuck. Then I know, I do believe in female-male friendship.

We have been together since 2001. Yes it’s been 10 years now. So funny watching each other grew up, fell in love, teenage quarells, move out the city, struggling over the college stuffs, and now we are the grown ups. A decade of life. Ah ok, I think I need to shed my tears now. We keep going together though we live in different cities now.

Bowo, last weekend he got married in Jogjakarta. Yes married, he is the very first from all of us. *laughing* we are old enough to get married now.. me, could hardly believe it. The feeling was so absurd. The person you know since junior high. Since he was a lil boy, now become a man who would start his own fam. Wow!

I was really prepared if I would cry during the wedding ceremony. I just could not hold my tears saw Aiman and Bowo hug each other, a bear hug. Two guys I really love.. congratulations dear.. wish we stay like this forever..

Aiman & Bowo. Jogja July 3, 2011.

we all love OASIS, i cry singing this song.. epic!

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