19 January, 2010

thank god, he has olympus

these are the photos when i was in Jogjakarta, couple months ago. i wanna go there again!!! *yes in summer not in rainy season like this*. Jogja located in central java..but it's in another province.. ohhh it's getting complicated to explain about, please just googling "Jogjakarta" that would be easier :)

i went to a traditional pet-market called Pasar Ngasem..with my boyfriend: Day and his friend--Erwin.. *then slowly my post is like an english essay test for junior high student - - - story telling about holiday..waaaaacks bored!*

actually i dont know what i wanna write, just wanna post my photos.. and yes, that last photo is my boyfriend.. love him more with that messy curly hair :P yay!!!!

all photos are by Day
destroyed by me^^


  1. olympus is great.
    but i love my canon :P

  2. gagal pertamax..!!!!!! aaaaarrrgh....gapapa yg penting mejeng di page one...hahaha \m/


    i miss u beib!!!!!!!! <3

    is that great haah? ;*