15 February, 2009


view from Sahid Hotel car park lot, Gubeng Surabaya
shot by mobilephone cam. 4/may/08

blog blog blog..
what am i supposed to do actually?
i stay at my room all day long..
gazing to the curtain on my windows..
sun doesnt shine..
only grey colour
and some thick clouds.
now night has fallen.
still counting how many people remember to my they-call-it special day
i dont really think it's special.
there is no difference, when i woke up this morning
my hair, a bit greasier that last night
nails got dirtier
pimples going down
and still sleepy eyes.
today i got older officially
today is my birthday
and i party
(on my own)
but i'm glad they are all remember.
i'm sparkling like city lights.

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